• Offshore Wind Academy

    The Offshore Wind Academy equips professionals for careers in the expanding offshore wind energy sector, meeting the demand for skilled personnel in planning, developing, installing, operating, and maintaining offshore wind farms. It features five core work packages common in this industry, offering flexibility with dedicated sessions for client teams or fully remote modules, ensuring personalized and accessible learning opportunities.

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    The "Foundations" module provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential concepts, principles, and technologies of the offshore wind energy industry. It covers the basics of wind energy, offshore technology, environmental considerations, and safety challenges, equipping students with the foundational knowledge needed to excel in the field of foundation design, installation and maintenance.

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    The "Cables (CAB)" module provides a detailed introduction to the design, installation, and maintenance of internal array grid cables in offshore wind farms. Covering essential topics such as cable types, electrical principles, installation techniques, and safety protocols, this module equips students with the specialized knowledge required to effectively manage the internal grid infrastructure of offshore wind energy projects.

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    Wind Turbine Generator

    The "Wind Turbine Generator (WTG)" module provides an in-depth exploration into the design, installation methods, and operational interfaces of wind turbine generators within offshore wind farms. Emphasising field layout strategies, advanced installation techniques, and integration interfaces, this module equips students with crucial skills to effectively manage and optimize the installation and performance of wind turbine generators in offshore environments

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    Offshore Substation

    The "Offshore Substation (OSS)" module delves deeply into the design, construction, and operational roles of offshore substations within wind energy projects. Focusing on layout planning, construction methods, and interface management, this module equips students with essential skills to oversee the installation and efficient functioning of offshore substations, critical hubs for integrating and transmitting electricity generated by offshore wind turbines

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    Offshore Construction Management

    The "Offshore Construction Management (OCM)" module provides a comprehensive overview of managing construction activities in offshore wind projects. Emphasising project planning, execution methodologies, safety management, quality assurance, and interface coordination, this program equips students with essential skills for overseeing heavy lift operations, managing subsea works, and navigating regulatory compliance. Effective interface management ensures seamless communication and collaboration among stakeholders, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in dynamic offshore environments. Graduates are prepared to lead offshore construction projects, contributing to sustainable energy initiatives and integrating offshore facilities into broader energy infrastructure networks.