The Globaltech 1 wind farm

As one of the first successful far offshore windfarms in Germany, Globaltech constructed their windfarm against by that time unheard off weather limitations. Stretching out far into the North Sea: Globaltech 1 is located 95 kilometers north of Borkum and 100 kilometers north-west of Helgoland and is connected to the Borwin Beta Converter station.  With an area covering 41 km², the wind farm will generate ca. 1,5 billion kWh of electricity to supply an aggregate of around 445.000 households, saving around 1 million tons of Co2 emission annually. The 80th turbine delivered power to the grid in 2015.


  • Location: North Sea
  • Period: 2012-2015
  • Site: 41 km²
  • Wind turbines: Areva (Adwen) M5-116 (AD5-116)
  • Amount: 80
  • Total output 400 MW

EOS Maritime (by that time still called European Offshore Services) delivered the expertise needed for the Heavy Lift Management on the deck of the newbuilt Jack-Up vessel “Innovation” in order to allow for Safe and Efficient installation of the ca. 1.000t weighing Tripod foundations.

The Heavy Lift Management included the provision of Offshore Installation Consultants, Superintendents and Heavy Lift Supervisors at the Contractor side of the project.