The HoHe See and Albatros wind farms

Active in the North Sea for the first time and with two offshore wind farms at the same time: EnBW and Enbridge are constructing the Hohe See- and Albatros-wind farms. Stretching out far into the North Sea: Hohe See is located 95 kilometers north of Borkum and 100 kilometers north-west of Helgoland, while Albatros is being constructed 105 kilometers from each coast. With areas covering 42 and 11 km² respectively, both wind farms will generate 2,5 billion kWh of electricity to supply an aggregate of around 710.000 households, starting in 2019.


  • Location: North Sea
  • Period: Ready in 2019
  • Site: 42 km² + 11 km²
  • Wind turbines: Siemens SWT-7.0-154
  • Amount: 71 + 16
  • Total output 497 MW + 112 MW

EOS Maritime provided pre-construction development support, construction and installation management support, as wel as commissioning support at both the developer- and the investor side of the project.

Key positions within the developers and Investors Installation Team were provided by Eos maritime in the work packages Foundation, Cable, Wind Turbines, and Offshore Substation, topped off with support in the construction management team on behalf of the investor Enbridge.